What does Feldfix mean?

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A few people have asked where the name Feldfix came from.

It isn’t a name you come across every day, especially in the english language. That’s because it’s roots aren’t in English, but actually my native language, German.

It’s the combination of two words; “Feld” (which means “field” in German) and “Fix” (the German slang for “fast”).

So, how did we end up with Feldfix?

I always thought that when you work on a project long and passionately enough a great name will just come out of thin air. I learned pretty quickly that is not the case. The fact is, when it comes time to filling out paperwork to start a business and register a domain, you need a name, and the sooner you have one the better.

We started playing around with words, trying out several languages, merging words together that sounded good, but ended up banging our heads against the wall. I knew exactly what we wanted to create; connecting the local hard working farmer directly with their customers.

Why was it so difficult to come up with a name!? Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks. It felt like we were stalled by something as seemingly simple as a name.

Everything changed when I was talking about the idea with a close friend. Familiar with what I was trying to do and how I had been struggling with the name, they suggested taking a step back. When it came down to it, we were letting the local farmer ship their product quickly to the customer.

Sticking with that idea, we settled on “Field” and “Fast” in German, leading to the name Feldfix, and it stuck. The first thing we did was check to see if domains were available. To our pleasant surprise, we could register not only .de and .com, but also Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sold!

It tied together one of our primary missions as a company, and let us get the ball rolling to actually making this idea a reality for farmers and customers. It’s a name I’ve come to appreciate a love more and more every day.

Feldfix: Coming soon to your doorstep.

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