A short overview

Why Sell with Feldfix?

  1. We want to help you reach more customers that will love your products.
  2. We will help you build an awesome brand for your products.
  3. With our help, selling online will be easier than most other methods of direct sales you currently have.
  4. We want to take the stress of selling out of the equation so you can focus on producing awesome products.

How it will work?

  1. We will set you up with your own virtual stand which will be used to tell your story, share insights about your product and production and most importantly highlight you, the producer.
  2. e will then coordinate with logistics companies to pick up orders daily or encourage customers to pre-order online and pick up on site.
  3. We will handle all payment processing and provide you all with bi-weekly payouts.

Questions? We are here for you

If you have questions about selling online, about Feldfix in general please to don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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